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Norfolk leather repairs offers Re-padding sofa seats in Norfolk. When sitting on a sofa, if it has become apparent that you are sinking into it too much either downwards in the centre or if you feel you are finding yourself leaning to either side, you maybe interested in having a Leather Furniture Re-padding service in the UK.

To pad a sofa the original cushion is left inside the sofa seat. Sheets of padding are then used to cut up into the required sizes and stuffed into the bottom of the sofa underneath the original cushion. This is typically done using one large sheet of foam the size of the whole cushion and then the individually cut sizes of foam are placed where necessary. For example, if you feel as though you sink downwards into the centre of the sofa, then more padding is added in the centre. This boosts the seat up and when you sit on it, it will feel even and you will no longer sink into the seat. Sofa seat padding stitching service cannot only make your seats much more comfortable but can also prevent other damage occurring. Having full sofa seat padding can prevent stitching from coming undone, spring repairs from snapping and webbing from breaking.

How it works:

The dust cover which is on the underside of the sofa is eliminated, giving the assistants expert admittance to all pieces of the couch, empowering them to embrace the Leather Sofa Re-padding Service Norfolk of the important segment. This will empower the professional to add additional fibre foam to the pertinent region and support the padding in the areas required. This enables the pads to have returned to there original comfort.

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On Going Maintenance

We advise that all leather is cleaned and protected every six months this allows the leather to stay clean and fresh and the protection cream gives that extra barrier between the wear and tear and the sofa. 

Cleaning kits are always recommended after every repair to help enable you to maintain your leather from future damage, please feel free to ask our technician any questions where they will be happy to give you any help and guidance that you require.

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    We offer a yearly maintenance plan for all customers that have had our full restoration service this is where you get a reduced fixed price for us to visit every year to undertake a full clean and minor repairs for the price of our standard clean package.  If you would like to take advantage of this package please speak to technician while on site and he can get you added to the plan and get your next appointment booked in.

    For more pictures and information of the work we undertake head over to our gallery page.

    Yearly Maintenance Plan