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Seam Repairs Service

Norfolk Leather Repair attempts seam stitching repairs. This is the point at which the sewed comes unraveled leaving your car seat with an open burst seam.
Your vehicle is your pride, and the leather inside the car is delegated gem. At the point when the leather in your vehicle gets harmed, you do not need to pay the high cost that your insurance company will charge to repair your car’s leather. At Norfolk Leather Repair, we offer Auto repairs service in Norfolk for your vehicle at an affordable cost.

Have you pondered how much devaluation your vehicle gets for having a ragged or harmed seat? For a small cost, we can do Auto Seam Repairs at your doorstep completely or renovate which will enhance your vehicle.
In order to fix the Seam Repairs Service in Norfolk, the UK will eliminate any excess stitching left inside the openings. After this, our experts utilize extra strong cotton for leather as well as a curved needle to follow the openings and once again join the seam.

At Norfolk leather Repairs, we have experts in Auto seam repairs Norfolk, UK to our clients for more than 20 years. Our specialists utilize pro methods and the best leather care items available on the market today to eradicate any indications of harm to your leather. At the point when our work is finished, the leather in your vehicle will look all around great.

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On Going Maintenance

We advise that all leather is cleaned and protected every six months this allows the leather to stay clean and fresh and the protection cream gives that extra barrier between the wear and tear and the sofa. 

Cleaning kits are always recommended after every repair to help enable you to maintain your leather from future damage, please feel free to ask our technician any questions where they will be happy to give you any help and guidance that you require.

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    We offer a yearly maintenance plan for all customers that have had our full restoration service this is where you get a reduced fixed price for us to visit every year to undertake a full clean and minor repairs for the price of our standard clean package.  If you would like to take advantage of this package please speak to technician while on site and he can get you added to the plan and get your next appointment booked in.

    For more pictures and information of the work we undertake head over to our gallery page.

    Yearly Maintenance Plan