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Bolster Repairs

The bolster of a car is a high wear area. Therefore Leather bolster repair is one of the most common repairs. Due to it being a high wear area small amounts of colour loss and damage should be repaired while it is just that in Norfolk Bolster repairs service. Otherwise the area will continue to wear down until it is torn and beyond repair.

Norfolk leather repairs undertake bolster repairs at your home or workplace. Wherever the vehicle is situated. Repairs do require power but our technicians carry extension leads.

Firstly in order to repair colour loss on a bolster the Leather Bolster Norfolk, UK will clean the area of repair. This is done using a lint free cloth and leather cleaner. The area is wiped over multiple times each using a clean piece of cloth to ensure all dirt is removed. Using the same cloth to clean over will just carry the dirt from one place to another and defeats the object of cleaning.

Secondly the technician uses a clean piece of lint free cloth and leather prep to prep the area of damage. This removes the manufacturers costing and any debris left on the leather.

After the area has been thoroughly cleaned and prepped the technician mixes the colour of the leather. Next a base coat is required. Technician uses another lint free cloth to apply a base coat this helps to create better adhesion for the repair. Once this is done it’s time to use sam air compressor to spray the leather dye over the area. Using the air compressor ensures an even finish as typically when using a cloth to rub the dye in your able to see the swirl marks from where the dye is rubbed in a circular motion.

Leather dye is applied in thin even coats. Each of these is dried using a hair dryer before applying the next. Now a sufficient number of coats have been applied leaving the repair leaving the repair looking good the lacquer can be applied. Please note that every repair is different therefore there is not a standard number of coats a repair might require. It is all depending on how the repair goes.

Similarly to Leather Dye Removal lacquer is applied using the air compressor. This is a top coat applied to the repair to seal and protect it.

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On Going Maintenance

We advise that all leather is cleaned and protected every six months this allows the leather to stay clean and fresh and the protection cream gives that extra barrier between the wear and tear and the sofa. 

Cleaning kits are always recommended after every repair to help enable you to maintain your leather from future damage, please feel free to ask our technician any questions where they will be happy to give you any help and guidance that you require.

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    We offer a yearly maintenance plan for all customers that have had our full restoration service this is where you get a reduced fixed price for us to visit every year to undertake a full clean and minor repairs for the price of our standard clean package.  If you would like to take advantage of this package please speak to technician while on site and he can get you added to the plan and get your next appointment booked in.

    For more pictures and information of the work we undertake head over to our gallery page.

    Yearly Maintenance Plan

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